Episode 41

Published on:

21st Jun 2022

Loneliness, Social Connections and Dementia with Dr. Snorri Bjorn Rafnsson

Today we're focussing on the importance of social connection and presenting two perspectives on how it can affect the health and well being of older adults.

Our first conversation features Dr. Snorri Bjorn Rafnsson from the University of West London, who's research examines some of the determinants of dementia and how we might delay and stop it's onset. In this episode Snorri helps us take a closer look at the relationships between loneliness, internet usage and dementia play out and some potential new areas for exploration.

In the second half of this episode we speak to Jamie McIntyre from the Australian Red Cross who co-ordinates around 50 volunteers up in Tweed Heads as they provide support to socially isolated older adults. Jamie and the team do great work in partnership with SilVR Adventures, together we've been bringing immersive virtual reality experiences to care facilities and Jamie shares a little bit with us about that experience and how the SilVR Adventures' solution is enriching the lives of older adults through social connection.

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